• nVent RAYCHEM Launches the Elexant 4000 Series

    Announcing the release of nVent’s RAYCHEM Elexant 4010 Series, the first smart, connected controllers from the Elexant family. To learn more, visit www.elexant.com Learn More
  • NEW nVent RAYCHEM TraceCalc Pro v2.11 Software Release

    Improve your heat tracing designs with this new software release. We added new products updates and other minor changes. read more
  • Don’t get left out in the cold!

    Are you looking for a reliable, light-weight and energy efficient solution to keep your deck free of ice and snow?
    nVent just launched ArcticStep, a modular panel system for anti-icing or de-icing of walkways and deck surfaces on offshore platforms and vessels. For use in hazardous area in oil & gas and marine industries. read more
  • New self-regulating heating cable nVent RAYCHEM BSA. Super flexible. Easy to install. Extremely reliable.

    For freeze protection and process temperature maintenance up to 65°C in non-hazardous industrial area. Read more
  • Pentair Thermal Management bliver til nVent – nye muligheder for at sætte gang i innovationen

    RAYCHEM, TRACER, NUHEAT, PYROTENAX og TraceTek – er brands som du har tillid til. Vi er nu en del af nVent Thermal Management. Besøg nVent.com

    We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Tranberg AS, a leading supplier of high quality lighting, heating and stainless steel enclosures for marine, oil and gas and helideck applications. read more
  • Service

    Til dokumenterede heat-tracing-løsninger skal du se lederen i tekniske designserviceydelser. Hos nVent Thermal Management er vi eksperter i løsninger tilvarmestyringssystemer og vores afdeling for nVent TRACER-serviceydelser er kendt som den førende leverandør af disse nøglefærdige heat-tracing-serviceydelser Få mere at vide

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