nVent RAYCHEM T-M-10-S/+x+y mechanical thermostat


The RAYCHEM T-M-10/+x+y is a surface sensing thermostat providing temperature control in non-hazardous areas.

The thermostat is available in 3 temperature ranges: 0°C-50°C; 0°C-200°C; 50°C-300°C. The temperature set point can be adjusted without opening the enclosure via a removable plug in the lid. The 2 meter long stainless steel capillary is protected at the enclosure by a flexible conduit. Direct connection of the heating cable is possible.

Tekniske specifikationer

Area of use Ordinary area
Max rated voltage (nom) 230 Vac
Temperature setting 0°C to +50°C, 0°C to +200°C, +50°C to +300°C
Switching type Single pole change over (SPDT) 100,000 cycles at 16 A
Switching capacity Max 16 A
Setting Internal dial, through lid
Terminal size 4 mm2
Ambient operating temperature –20°C to +80°C
Exposure temperature:
T-M-10-S/0+50C: –40°C to +60°C
T-M-10-S/0+200C: –20°C to +230°C
T-M-10-S/+50+300C: –20°C to +345°C


Connection and Protection